Wallace & Son and Gravely

Solving your commercial mower needs with quality, value and service!

The Gravely PT100 series of mowers offers the best value in the industry.  This unit has a fully adjustable suspension seat, ROPS, and two fuel tanks.  It is built to provide you with years of commercial quality service at a competitive price.  Available at Wallace & Son in 48", 52" & 60" cutting widths and powered by Kawasaki engines, the PT100 offers strength, durability and value to the customer wanting the best. 

The Gravely PT200 series has been the industry standard for commercial mowers for over 20 years.  The PT200 is constructed on a tough frame, with steel decks to provide years of quality service.  At Wallace & Son, the Gravely PT200 is available in 52", 60" &72" cutting widths and are powered by a strong Kohler or Kawasaki commercial engine.  The PT200 is the thoroughbred in the Gravely stable.  It is the unit that all others want to be.  Come get yours today!

Gravely's PT400 is the ultimate in operator comfort.  It has set the standard by utilizing a fully adjustable air ride seat and an isolator dampening system which allows the operator to work all day without feeling fatigue or pain.  Available in 52", 60" & 72" cutting widths and powered by Kawasaki commercial engine, the PT400 will make cutting grass fun!  

The Gravely Pro Stance series is making itself known in this new segment of the commercial market.  The Pro Stance offers unparalleled comfort and safety for the operator as well as ease of use and maneuverability in tight places.   The Pro Stance is available at Wallace & Son in 36", 48" & 52" cutting widths and powered by s Kawasaki commercial engine.  Come by today and take a test ride on this innovative and fun to ride unit.